I am thankful for the Gospel – that is, what Jesus has done on the cross by His death and resurrection, on behalf of all that believe. The death of Jesus paid for the high treason committed by Adam against God in the garden of Eden. His sin plunged the world into darkness and we experience its effects everyday of our lives. All wars, injustice and broken relationships are the result of the first Adams’ disobedience. The last Adam (Jesus) obeyed the Father perfectly and paid our sin debt allowing us to get back into the presence of God (I Cor. 15:22.)

Some people, especially in the western world seem to think that Jesus’ death was a form of Divine child abuse. And that the God of the Bible is not a God of love after all. They say that a God of love would never allow the violence of the cross. They think of Him as brutal and barbaric.

If you think this way let me ask you a question. When you see or hear of a crime of injustice committed against an innocent victim, do you feel outrage? Do you cry out for justice on their behalf? Adam’s crime of disobedience was the ultimate act of  injustice against a Holy God. Adam rejected and sinned against the Creator of the universe. If you commit a crime against a President or a King, the consequences will be much greater than a crime against the average person, and rightly so. How much more grievous is a crime committed against the Sustainer of all life.

Jesus, who is God in the flesh came to earth to live as a man, so that he could identify with hurting people. Before He died for our sins he experienced life with all its hardships and difficulties. He is sympathetic to us because he lived as one of us. No other religion in history has a “god” who has ever done such a thing. So many of the ancient “deities” required the death of mortals to appease their “gods” but  not the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! Someone had to pay for this crime that brought separation from God, misery, and death to the earth. And Jesus did just that. That’s not barbaric – that’s real love.