“But reject those myths  fit only for the godless and gullible, and train yourself for godliness.  For “physical exercise   has some value, but godliness is valuable in every way. It holds promise for the present life and for the life to come.” (1 Timothy 4:7-8 NET Bible)  

Spiritual growth in the Christian life never comes through passivity. It involves persistent effort. Grace empowered effort. Some would call those that seek to have a daily routine or ordered spiritual life, legalistic. And we must be careful not to allow legalism into our devotional lives before God. But, if we are to escape the snares of mass market religion, and  distractions in our lives, we need a plan. “God is not the author of confusion” so taking steps to guard our hearts from the pressure of our daily lives is helpful.  A well ordered spiritual life is a means by which God chooses to bless you. A spiritually disciplined person plans spiritual activities. It’s an intentional life that includes  times set apart during each day for just seeking  God. And secret acts of service and giving from time to time.

We often need to be reminded that we should expect to experience God in our ordinary and daily mundane lives. This kind of life is also open to those “burning bush” extraordinary experiences of the Holy Spirit. All of life is holy to the spiritual person.  A spiritually disciplined life is a life of freedom. Holy habits can be developed through daily prayer, Bible reading, and times of solitude, and silence. These habits in and of themselves cannot form us in a holy way, but they open us up to the One who can. Scheduling these times for our mornings and evenings, creates a holy rhythm  in our lives.

Our desire should be to see Christ fully formed in ourselves, and our spiritual community for more effective ministry. This happens as we embrace and engage in these holy habits, and allow the Spirit to fill us. Growth comes from a consistent walk of obedience. The goal of this kind of life is not mystical experiences. Even though we might have those, we come before God just to be with him. We should seek communion  with the Father , Son, and Holy Spirit. During these times,  we should ask God to reveal the condition of, and motives of our hearts. We also place ourselves in a position for God to reveal more of himself, through his word and presence.