( I posted this on my old blog about 10 years ago. I still think it’s pretty good advice. )

Several months ago I was praying about an important decision I had to make. I was praying for direction in my life so I emailed R.T.Kendall, and he sent this message back to me. I believe this will help someone else who needs guidance.

Do what gives you peace. Here is an acrostic I have preached all over the world:

P – is it providential – does a door open or do you have to break it down?

E – enemy – ask your self ‘what would the devil want me to do?’ – then do the opposite

A – authority – is it biblical?

C – confidence – does it increase or diminish; when I am wholly in God’s will I have a lot of confidence

E – ease – in your heart of hearts what do you feel. To thine owen self be true. God will not lead you to violate your conscience.

For this acrostic to work you must have ALL FIVE cohering; if so, it is fairly safe to proceed; if not, be careful.

Biblical basis for this: Romans 14:19.

God bless you.


A Book Review Of Holy Fire

(I did the book review a few years ago)

The book “Holy Fire” by Dr. R.T. Kendall is one of the best book on the Holy Spirit that I have read. You may not agree with every theological position he shares in this book. But his knowledge of the Scripture and personal experience with the Holy Spirit should encourage all Christians, no matter what theological camp you are in.

Those that are familiar with John MacArthur’s book “Strange Fire” should consider reading R.T.’s new book. In this book R.T. addresses charismatic excesses, but he also deals with the fact that the cessationist view (which MacArthur believes) has done much to grieve the work of the Holy Spirit in the Church. It is a mistake to dismiss the work of the Spirit because of abuses that lead to “Strange Fire.” Instead we should be seeking God for his true “Holy Fire.”

My encouragement to those who are seeking for more of the presence of God in their lives is to look closely at what the Bible teaches about the filling of the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts, with an open mind. Ask God to show you the truth. As Dr. Kendall says in his book, “Cessationism is a hypothesis” and it shouldn’t be taught in the church as dogma. And I agree!

Note: Cessationist believe that the supernatural gifts of the Spirit such as, prophecy, tongues, etc. are no longer operative in the Church today. Nor do they believe that God is still giving supernatural dreams, visions, or direct revelation apart from the Bible. I certainly do not believe God ever gives a revelation that is contrary to Scripture.