It would be nice to get the truth about this ban on refugees. I understand that in 2011 President Obama banned Iraqis from coming in for nine months. And I understand other Presidents in history have done similar things. I have no problem with implementing a better vetting system. I also am confused over the Christian response to this situation, and also the non-Christian view. Most evangelicals are viewing the situation the same as non-evangelicals, that we should not ban refugees because Jesus wouldn’t. Many liberals love this side of Jesus but hate his moral commands. And many conservatives love the moral commands, but are for closed boarders. I was of the understanding that we were not a Christian nation and that many believe that God’s name or Jesus name needed to be removed from our government, and public life in general. So, the way I understand things is that the governments first priority is to protect its people. And the Church is called to help all people regardless of their nationality. In other words it’s the governments job to secure the boarder, and the churches job to help those who get through. I would appreciate someone fact checking anything I’ve said. At the end of the day I want to be on Jesus’ side, but I know from the Bible the government and the church have different roles to play. I know Germany has suffered from allowing to many refugees in, and from what I’ve studied over many years is that radical Islamist have a long term commitment to bring the whole world under Shariah law. I know a Harvard trained theologian that knows some of the leading Muslim clerics in Great Britain, who have the same goals as the more radical folks we hear about. But they are much more civilized about it. If we care about our country, we had better pray for this President – like him or not.