The picture above is the Primitive Baptist Church my Great Grandfather who fought for the south in the Civil War, belonged too. And now,  over a century and half later, I’m a member of a racially diverse church  in the deep south.

And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near. – (Hebrews 10:25 NLT)

“The  church  was  first  known  as  the people  of  the  Way  (Acts  9:2).  The  “Way”  these  people  embraced  was the  way  of  Jesus— the  way of  power in  weakness for the sake of  love. This  was  not  a  loosely  connected  group  of  individuals,  a  social club  of  sorts,  but  a  family  united  in  Christ  (Eph.  2:19).” 1

While many in our culture have given up on the  Church,  God hasn’t. The Church as flawed as it presently is, is God’s vehicle to bring the Kingdom of Heaven  to earth.  The Church is where the people of “the way” live out the life of the Kingdom together. Gathering together with a group of imperfect people  is God’s plan to help us to grow up in Christ. And one of the fruits of a gospel-centered church is racial reconciliation.

Gathering together with a community of believers is a demonstration of Gods power to form a supernatural people. That is why both Jesus and Paul urged us to gather in corporate worship.  As we gather in Jesus name to sing songs, hear the public reading  of  Scripture, we are testifying to the principalities and powers in the heavenlies  to Satan’s ultimate defeat.(Eph. 3:10)

Holy Communion is the most neglected part of church life among many Evangelical churches. The power of the Lord’s Supper is not fully grasp by most.But this seemingly weak act,  celebrates the death, and resurrection of Jesus, which defeated Satan and his evil cohorts. Every time we  partake of the elements the devil is reminded of his fate. If we could see what happens at the weakest church service in the spirit realm,  we would desire to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus even more!

“A  rejection  of  the  church  is  a  rejection  of  Jesus’  way.  Christ  made this  known:  His  way  of  power  continues  to  pour  forth  in  this  world by  the  Spirit  through  the  church.  When  we  come  to  think  that the  Christian  life  is  about  our  own  development  rather  than  about our  calling  in  Christ  as  a  family  of  God,  we  inevitably  confuse  the church  for  a  secular  entity.  The  church  simply  becomes  the  sum of  its  parts,  which  need  to  be  slick,  skilled,  and  led  by  a  guru  with a  strong  vision.  Too  often  people  give  up  on  the  church  because,  as a  secular  entity,  it  is  impotent!  But  the  church  is  a  different  sort  of venture,  on  a  different  sort  of  mission,  with  a  different  power  system  up  and  running.  People  reject  the  church  because  they  have failed to grasp what it is.” 2


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