“Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.” – Matthew 6:10 (ESV)We are living between the times. The time of the already and the not yet. A time of great sorrow and joy. John Wesley said, “A high degree of spiritual sorrow and spiritual joy may consist together.” The Kingdom came with Jesus, but will not be fully manifest until he returns to the earth to live with his people forever. He will destroy (burn up) this present world system. Until then we must pursue justice in the earth on behalf of the weak, poor, and the oppressed. And offer the hope of the Gospel of the Kingdom to all. We must oppose and expose the works of darkness in the earth, as we seek to live out the reality of the Kingdom in our own personal lives, now.

Anytime we pray and see a sick person healed or someone delivered from demonic oppression, the Kingdom of God has broke through. Everyone we pray for will not be saved – everyone is not healed – everyone is not delivered. So in this life, as we wait for the end of this present evil age, we must do the work of the Kingdom that Jesus has called us to do, and leave the results to Him. Some today seek to do the works Jesus did, and that is good, but we must remember that God is sovereign and our power comes from Him. We, as New Covenant believers have the privilege of walking in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit right now. But that doesn’t guarantee a pain free life, while we live between the times.