“There is a desire in almost all of us to be closer to God. However the heat and light intensify as we take those steps toward Him. Objectively we want that. Subjectively we discover it is a painful process. Often our secret hopes and fears become exposed and raw. We find that letting them go helps to relieve the pain and humiliation in our hearts, but then we often flounder with our identity because it was tied so closely to those private flavors and ambitions of our old existence. Then we come to a point of no return. The choice before us is to continue in faith toward that everlasting flame or turn back to some semblance of our old ways (Hint; this is why most revivals spark, burn, dim and die). Faith is a living. burning thing. It requires personal risk to see a reward . . . and that risk begins within. C.S. said it well, “No man knows . . . till he has tried . . .” – D. G. Spillman