I cling to your testimonies, O Lord; let me not be put to shame!  I will run in the way of your commandments when you enlarge my heart!  (Psalm 119:31-32 ESV)

As finite human beings we are limited creatures and it takes an infinite Holy God to enlarge our hearts. We don’t have the capacity to grasp God and all his fullness. We need God by his Spirit to open our hearts to reveal his thoughts and loving intentions that he has for us – to us. This love surpasses human knowledge and understanding – it’s experiential in nature.

When God enlarges the heart our response is spiritual hunger. This hunger can only be satisfied by God’s Word and his presence. To be a people of the Word and not a people of His Presence makes us angry spiritual consumers of knowledge that doesn’t produce spiritual fruit in our lives.

American evangelicals have a right to hold conservative political views but when patriotism and politics becomes the main focus – the cause of Christ suffers. Our lack of spiritual depth in both conservative and liberal Christianity, has become evident for the whole world to see. Both sides use God to push their agendas. America as a whole is morally bankrupt and divided to the point that reconciliation of the right and left seem impossible. Just look at the anger and division on Facebook and Twitter.

Prayer and repentance is our only answer. God resist the proud but gives his grace to the humble. So as a proud, corrupt and political people – God is resisting us. Many of us (not all) have become spiritually shallow and our lack of internal spiritual transformation is being exposed.  Thankfully there are still Christians that are growing during these days and are bearing fruit for the Kingdom of God, but in most cases we rarely hear their voices among all the political bickering.

Prayer: God please enlarge our hearts so that we can have the capacity to love you and our neighbor as ourselves. Pour out your Spirit on your people so that we will run after your commandments with humble hearts and demonstrate the love of Jesus to a confused and conflicted culture. – Amen