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I took this picture at an ancient Church in Trier, Germany. Ambrosius Alexandrinus, a Latinization of the name of Ambrose of Alexandria (before 212–c. 250)


This quote is the first of  a series of quotes I will be posting from the Church Fathers and other ancient Christians.     

“He was a baby and a child, so that you may be a perfect human. He was wrapped swaddling clothes, so that you may be freed from the snares of death. He was in a manger, so that you may be in the alter. He was on earth that you may be in the stars. He had no other place in the inn, so that you may have many mansions in the heavens. He, being rich, became poor for your sakes, that through his poverty you might be rich. Therefore his poverty is our inheritance, and the Lord’s weakness is our virtue. He chose to lack for himself, that he may abound for all. The sobs of that appalling infancy cleanse me, those tears wash away my sins. Therefore, Lord Jesus, I owe more to your sufferings because I was redeemed  than I do to works for which I was created….You see that he is in swaddling clothes.  You do not see that he is in heaven. You hear the cries of an infant, but you do not hear the lowering of an ox recognizing its Master, for the ox knows his Owner and the donkey his Master’s crib.” – Exposition of the Gospel of Luke 2:42-42.