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For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us,what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? – (1 Peter 4:17)


The United States of America is currently on the brink of another Civil War. We’ve seen many skirmishes – everything from shots being fired at congressman to attempts of character assignation. While most think our fight is between the political far right against the far left – this battle is spiritual in nature.

Being a Republican isn’t proof you are on God’s side. And it isn’t enough to believe in the constitution and the rule of law, as important as those things are. Conservatives can often believe the right things while having hearts devoid of compassion and with little desire to actually follow Jesus. Those of us who name the name of Christ need to come in line with the Kingdom of God and all that means, and repent of our earthly perspectives.

The Bibles’ teachings on sexuality, marriage, and abortion are clear. But, as Evangelicals we must take a hard look at ourselves and ask; are we more patriotic or Kingdom minded? If you are pro-life and pro-marriage according to the biblical pattern you are presently considered to be an outsider in western culture. We are living in times of such spiritual apostasy, that to believe many of the teachings in the Bible is to be considered culturally irrelevant, in the western world.

For many decades spiritually dark forces in the U.S. have worked through the political, social, educational, entertainment, and religious spheres of society to deny the teachings of Christianity. Some who live in opposition to the morals of our current culture have lost their jobs while taking a stand for truth. If America stays on its current spiritual trajectory, we will look more like China than the America in the not so distance future.

I believe God is calling his people to prayer and living lives that honor his son, Jesus. We must remember that judgement begins in the house of God. So, pray for the renewal of the Church in America so that we can become effective witnesses to a post Christian America.