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The United Nations, the European Union and the power elites behind the corporate and political leaders in the U.S reject the exclusive claims of Christianity. In fact they consider biblical Christianity as a major hinderance to achieving their goals. These power elites that desire for “the world to be as one” as the late John Lennon sang, have no use for Jesus Christ or those who adhere to his teachings.  There is a very real conspiracy by those who are seeking to enslave the masses in the name of globalization. Borders need to come down and only a hand full of Technocrats (in their view) need to rule the world. Patriotism will become a thing of the past as we focus on the redistribution of wealth and our global citizenship.

Many in the western world have fallen under the spell of these power elites and have abandoned their belief in traditional values. The entertainment industry, the news media and those in higher education have become the high priest and mouthpiece for this new order. They can’t think or speak independently because they are bought and paid for by the power elites behind the scenes who actually call the shots for the rest of us. This is a movement empowered by the spirit of antichrist.  And, the same voice that whispered in Eve’s ear that “you will be like God” still speaks to some of the most powerful people in the world today.

“We the people” become the ‘useful idiots’ of those who seek to enslave mankind as they promise us a socialistic false utopia. In the book of Genesis Chapter 11 God effectively stopped Nimrod’s globalization plan by confusing the language of what had been a people of one language. They were seeking to build a tower that would come to be known as Babel (which stands for confusion) and to make a name for themselves.

Scholars believe the tower under construction was a pyramid-shaped ziggurat. This tower allowed them to have access to various deities. These people were seeking an ungodly unity with evil motives apart from the God of the Bible.

Had God not scattered the human race and confused their language they would have achieved a one world government and a one world religion at that time. This dream is still alive today in the digital age as the internet has become a tool of Globalist to achieve what Nimrod couldn’t. The movers and shakers in high places today seek to enslave the masses using technology, economic, political power and counterfeit religion.  New Age spirituality which has been growing in America since the 1960’s is an important part of the globalist strategy to replace biblical morals with new age thinking.

We know that God is sovereign over all Nations and their leaders. But, Jesus taught his followers to “watch and pray. Prayer and the proclamation of the Gospel are how we participate with his purposes on the earth. Jesus ask a question: “…when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”(Luke 18:8) I believe he knows the answer to that question, and he was asking the question to challenge our faith. The question we must ask ourselves is; will we be faithful to the end?