“Practice Resurrection: A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ (Eugene Peterson’s Five “Conversations” in Spiritual Theology)” by Eugene H. Peterson –

“Following Jesus’ resurrection, his followers had forty days to be present with him and listen to his voice, listen to him “speaking about the kingdom of God.” They needed every single day they had with him in order to thoroughly assimilate the here-and-now, flesh-and-blood, body-and-soul, on-the-ground details and implications of resurrection, not only for Jesus but for themselves – resurrection not only as a promise of life beyond death but as a presence now. Hallucinations can’t be maintained for forty days. Dreams don’t last forty days. Religious hysteria cannot be sustained for forty days. Those forty days grounded Jesus’ resurrection as a life to be lived on streets, in homes, with families and neighbors – a life they, his followers, will live. And not as a private “spiritual” experience, but historically in the company of all of Jesus’ followers in workplace and politics, in the carnage of war and the quietness of worship.”

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