We are living in a day that is similar to the time just before the first great awakening in America. In the 1700’s the Church in New England was declining both morally and spiritually. God used men like Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, and John Wesley to help as instruments for revival. But, unlike present day America, even during their spiritual decline, the colonies had a much stronger biblical foundation than we do today. In recent decades the Church in America has been guilty of excessive materialism and prayerlessness. And we have become biblically illiterate, and resistant to the work of the Holy Spirit.

Sadly, much of the western world is considered post Christian and it seems (looking at it through natural eyes) that this trend is irreversible. Much of Europe has only their great cathedrals to point to their past Christian heritage. And we in America point to a time when we had prayer in public schools and Christianity was generally accepted. Despite racism and other failures that are obvious to all.

But, I see what I call, pockets of resistance in Europe, Australian, and America, that are encouraging. God still has a remnant in the western world who have not bowed their knees to cultural idols. We must resist cultural Christianity and return to the faith of the early disciples.

Let’s pray for renewal in our churches so that we might see a spiritual revival in America and in the rest of the western world. God is using ordinary people in these days to pray and intercede on behalf of the Nations. We should all be challenged to pray for the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in world history.